I Am Not A Vegan And That Is Okay.

Many Animal Rights activists may argue your controversy of being an animal rights activist that eats meat. Yes I feel bad for eating meat but no I do not believe it is wrong. It is (as cliché as it sounds) the circle of life.

I have no problem with vegans or vegetarians as say, however to take up their life style and substitute certain foods to obtain the protein and vitamins you need can end up being a very expensive lifestyle that not everybody can afford.

At the end of the day Humans have been eating meat since we can remember yet our animals are still here and non extinct due to meat eating. I do however believe that animals who are to be slaughtered are to be in no unnecessary pain, still get to experience some life and should be killed in the most painless way for the respect of the animal.

Whats your opinions?


My bracelet finally came!!! I’m in love with it already! I really recommend purchasing one they’re so cute and colourful. The packaging was amazing. Only thing I can say is postage took forever, maybe because I’m in the UK. Check the link in my ‘How to Help Page’. #PlanetLoveLife #SeaTheLove #JoinTheWave #AnimalRights


So I just came across this children’s toy that I have absolutely fell in love with! The basic idea of the toy is to take this scruffy, odd looking toy, wash it and brush it to reveal the cute fluffy animal it really is. This is teaching children at a young age to adopt and not shop and even though shelter animals may not be the cleanest or the fluffiest however with abit of care and TLC they can still be the beautiful companion a bought pet can be. AMAZING. #AdoptNotShop #Pets #AnimalRights

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